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Jumpstart my childcare 2 day conference!

Have you been looking for a childcare success conference to help you take your childcare business to the next level?

Without Further Delay, Childcare Business Owners Can Now Attend The Ultimate Childcare Conference Designed Specifically For Childcare Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Get Rid Of Success Barriers, Get Clued In On How To Build A Bigger and Better Childcare Business And Get Proven Management Solutions That Will Cause Order and Increase. Most of All, It’s For Childcare Business Owners Who Want To Be Motivated and Inspired To Succeed!

Meet your host & Childcare Boss, Andrea Dickerson

The conference is going to help you establish a bigger and better childcare business that will provide you with peace and the security of having the knowledge you need to turn your business around and generate the income you want.

So let’s get real and have some straight talk. This conference is designed for you if you’re needing help in these areas.


Get Started Phase


You’re a career orientated person and you’re looking to get started in your childcare but you don’t know where to start and because of what you don’t know.

As a result of you not having any guidance and proven childcare success systems you’ve put off your dreams and goals of owning your own childcare.

HOWEVER you can’t shake the quiet thoughts that are coming to you that say: Start Your Own Childcare Business! If this is you, let me say this, when you attend my two-day conference you will discover.

you’ll learn how to SET UP THE FOLLOWING:

  • The internal operational systems that every childcare business owner must implement for success
  • Personal traits that you must either have or hire someone that does
  • Choosing A Location
  • Office Procedures and Recurring Task
  • Business Management
  • System Automation
  • Administrative Duties
  • Owner Operator Responsibilities
  • And Much More!
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The Next Person That This Conference is for:

The Childcare Owner That’s Ready To Get Organized and Get Going!

If you have been in your childcare business for at least six months and you are overworked, overwhelmed, frustrated and tired of operating your childcare business off of sheer luck, 12 hour work days and inaccurate management systems. Join us for the 2-day conference and leave knowing how to get back on track!

What you are experiencing in your business is a result from lack of operational systems, you need proven management systems in place to stabilize your operations, hire and retain competent and splendid staff and organize the academic structure of your childcare program here’s what you will gain:

  • Attending the Jumpstart My Childcare 2 Day Conference will enable you to unleash your childcare success and soar to the next level. You will gain the skills necessary to operate your business like that of a CEO. Changing your thinking and business mindset will change your life and your childcare for the better. Trust me It worked for me!
  • This is the ultimate childcare business owner conference because several fundamental skills will be taught and these skills are exclusively for childcare empowerment and childcare success.

This is the ultimate childcare business
owner conference because

several fundamental skills will be taught and these skills are
exclusively for childcare empowerment and childcare success

If you operate a family home or a group/childcare business and you have a few clients but you are not reaching your FULL enrollment potential and you want to learn proven systems to cut out the clutter, clarify your marketing message and get clients on a constant and consistent basis, this event is a must-attend for you!

You know that you’re offering a great childcare service but you are unsure why you are not experiencing the success that your business was built for and you are ready for potential clients to choose your childcare business over your competitors you will need to improve your marketing message and your marketing strategies.


Improving your website, business cards, flyers and ads

plus tracking your efforts will increase your number of inquiries and


Looking for more reasons to attend?

You Should Attend If  You Can Identify With This:

  • Do you ever feel like quitting
  • Has there ever been a time you didn’t want to go to your daycare
  • Do You Feel Like Alone and That You’re Never Going To Get Ahead
  • Do you ever struggle to attract clients
  • Do you need some type of assistance and guidance when it comes to marketing your childcare business
  • Do you find it complicated to generate and budget money in your childcare business
  • Are you feeling the pressure of competing based on price
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated throughout your childcare business day
  • Are you ready to build a bigger and better childcare brand

Not knowing how to implement solid strategies to overcome these issues can certainly cause you to have a hard time generating profits in your childcare business.

If you’ve found yourself going around in the same circle but never breaking the mold and pursuing those inspirational thoughts that come to you about your childcare business..you will find change at the Jumpstart My Childcare 2 Day Conference event!


Did You know that information without motivation causes frustration?

We are leaving all frustrations at the door! Because not only will you get templates, resources, processes, and systems but you will also be purely MOTIVATED and INSPIRED! Like Never Before! Read what Sidney has to say about coaching with me

Check Out What Tomika Robertson Said:

Ladies Dive In… don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and connect with other like-minded individuals. When I first went to a #Iownadaycare conference I had NO IDEA how to run my business. No lie… I could teach and care for the children blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back but conducting business, closing the deal, tracking payments, hiring staff AND TRAINING and leading them that was the stuff that kept me up at night. But Andrea Dickerson helped me get all of that together. I invested in her live events and her products on a Family Child Care Budget (hello somebody) but the outcome of that is my business is flourishing I have 2 staff members on my team that help me grow and shape my program into what I want it to be DAILY and I am growing other business ventures at the same time. I am hosting events and booking future events that are not childcare related. So I got my whole business life together and I’m still a work in progress. I have met some amazing ladies that 2/3 years later we are still encouraging one another and holding each other accountable for what we do or don’t do. This is how the I Own A Daycare corporation has helped me. So don’t second-guess dive in and see what you can get accomplished with the help of an inspirational, Childcare Boss who lives and breathes Business AND Childcare at the same d*%n time  😄 Love U Coach thank you for your courage to step out which has caused so many others to step out as well.

Achieve your goal!

If you haven’t achieved goals that you thought was impossible to do then you must show up to the conference. What you will gain from this conference is exactly what you need as childcare business owners because……

Owning a childcare business has actually become more complex!

For example, in today’s time, marketing your childcare business alone requires a full time focus and it consists of knowledge about online marketing, must have website components, blogging, email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, video marketing, referral programs, and don’t forget good old word of mouth.

When I first got started children were so plenteous all you needed was an open sign and a good flyer. But nowadays you will need business marketing skills.

No wonder why so many childcare programs are closing down. Having a lack of business marketing skills can cost you your business.

Not to add the fact that there are so many unlicensed and non-registered providers who care for kids almost 50% less than the going market rate. And whenever there is a state funding freeze, most competitors drop their prices very low!

Well, don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered during the Jumpstart My Childcare 2 Day Conference.

During the conference, you will discover how to stay relevant and on the cutting edge in your childcare business. You will learn so much about marketing online and building your enrollment. You will think out of the box and draw in more clients just like Marjorie did, read her story bellow.

Here is another successful testimonial

She was overwhelmed until she got organized and started
marketing based on a system. It’s easier and so much more efficient.

Having these business and marketing skills are essential and a huge part of our conference agenda!


Thank you so much for taking the time to provide such insight and first-hand advice to the Early Childhood Professional Community. Kudos, especially to your Enrollment Building Blueprint. This Blueprint has helped me challenge my mindset and vision for my business. As a provider, who has just taken my business to another level, I am no novice, however, listening and acting on your Blueprint has taught me how to put systems in place. Not only have I learned to organize and prepare by putting the pen to paper, but, your Blueprint has helped me put action to my footsteps. I am soooo excited about the daily actions that I will be implemented because of the strategies that I have learned.

Your Blueprint has inspired and encouraged me despite my initial overwhelming feelings. Your Blueprint has given me strategies and invoked ah ha moments which showed me that my dreams and desires are possible. Your Blueprint has also helped me realize that all of my goals will come fruition. Thank you again, Andrea, for creating your Enrollment Building Blueprint.

Marjorie Mallard
Precious Lambs, Inc.
Early Childhood & Child Care Center
Holbrook, NY

There are several aspects about business that you may not know especially if your background is early childhood care and education but you’ve never had any business experience. Not having these skills could be your reason for frustration.

Like begging parents to pay on time or having so much money owed to you by the end of the week.

Poor money management skills are from a lack of business skills. Although you love what you do, not having the right systems for your business can cause you to resent owning a daycare.

But what’s great about your situation is that you’re reading my sales letter offering you the opportunity to attend the one and only childcare conference hosted by me and that’s designed to train you on how to build a very successful childcare business.

Even if you are just getting started I will teach you from my very own experience and from my proven techniques.

You owe it to yourself to learn more about childcare business development and childcare success.

Heres what you get

During the Jumpstart My Childcare 2 Day Conference

you will obtain the skills necessary for:

  • How to overcome mental barriers that are keeping you from having a millionaire mentality
  • How to gain clarity and get the clear direction for executing a plan so you can live out your purpose
  • How to implement prove childcare success systems for better program management
  • How to develop fail proof marketing campaigns  and systems that lead to childcare success
  • How to makeover your childcare business both inside and out
  • And so much more!

So whats it worth to you?



Get access to the FULL Jumpstart My Childcare 2 Day Childcare Business Plan so that you can


Accomplish more in you business than you have in the last year


Have clarity and systems to get your plans off the ground and moving forward in your business


Regain your passion for your childcare business and become the leader your parents, children, and staff can follow


Increase your enrollment in record time


Expand your business and take it to the next level


Own and operate an efficient business based on best business practices

I also want to make to make one thing clear. I’m not teaching strategies that will disappear from the childcare industry next month. I teach tried and proven strategies you can use for YEARS to come.

You can spend your money on hiring a marketer to create your business cards, postcards, phone book ads, flyers and web-design that can cost you hundreds if not even thousands. But why would you when you can learn how to do it your self just from attending the Jumpstart My Childcare 2 Day Conference that is full of information, inspiration, and motivation to succeed

You can have it all! Take immediate action and get your ticket NOW!



One last bit of advice from my mentor: No matter who you are or what you are striving to become, in order to succeed, eventually, you must show up wherever the information you need is being offered. You will have to take BOLD moves and start now. There has to be a sense of urgency about your future. NO DRAMA, NO MORE DELAY. JUST DO IT!




June 21, 22nd & 23rd


Take A “DAYCATION” and change your vision for success all while you enjoy Andrea’s favorite get-a-way spots in ATL, Georgia.
Contact and Location For Atlanta:

Location: TBA
Registrations Start Each Day at 10 am
Sessions Begin At 11 am
Conference Day Ends at 6 pm
website: www.Atlanta-Airport-Hotel.com

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June 21, 22nd & 23rd


Take A “DAYCATION” and change your vision for success all while you enjoy Andrea’s favorite get-a-way spots in ATL, Georgia.
Contact and Location For Atlanta:

Location: TBA
Registrations Start Each Day at 10 am
Sessions Begin At 11 am
Conference Day Ends at 6 pm
website: www.Atlanta-Airport-Hotel.com

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Tickets are on sale now!

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